Forum Announcement: Official Factions Map and Overlay Guide
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01-01-2016, 06:14 AM -
Factions Map Extension (made by Peeble):
Peeble has developed a Chrome extension for Rust Factions. It will load the most recent overlay update on the live map.

You can find it on the Chrome Web Store here:
[Image: ChromeWebStore_BadgeWBorder_v2_340x96.png]

Loads on the Rust Factions RP Livemap:

Static Map Image:
Rust Factions RP:

Firefox Users: In the Addons settings (accessible from main menu) -> Custom Style options.

Copy the link below in the URL field

Copy the the code below inside the CSS field.

#factions{width:100%;height:100%;background:url("") center no-repeat;background-size:cover !important;}

Copy the code below inside the JavaScript/jQuery field.

$(document).ready(function(){$("#options").append('<span class="displayFactions"><label for="factions-checkbox"><input id="factions-checkbox" type="checkbox" checked> <span class="i18n">Factions</span></label>  </span>'),$("#map").append('<div id="factions"></div>'),$("#factions-checkbox").click(function(){$("#factions-checkbox").prop("checked")===!1?$("#factions").css("background-image","none"):$("#factions-checkbox").prop("checked")===!0&&$("#factions").css("background-image",'url("")')})});