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Important Information:

To connect to the server, use the “One-Click Connect” button on the front page of the forums or search for us in the server browser. Alternatively, here is the server address:
Use the Rust IO Live Map with the overlay found here! This is a very useful tool that shows you where all of the factions and cities are, as well as the KOS zones.
Use the Official Rust Factions TeamSpeak server! This is the best way to communicate with the admin team (other than private inquiries) and you can also talk with players. IP:


1. General Rules:

Don’t be a dick!
Sexism, racism, homophobia, intolerance, harassment, abuse, bigotry and general toxicity are strictly prohibited in-game, on the Forums and on our teamspeak. This applies to RP too.

The use of hacks, exploits, duping, or use of items in a way in which their not intended to gain advantage is strictly not allowed.

Rooms/spaces containing Tool Cabinets must always have a single-player accessible door, hatch, or opening (don't wall them in)

2. Global Chat:

All OOC chat in global needs to be marked as OOC by typing it in brackets/parentheses

Keep OOC chat to a minimum. OOC insulting, complaining, or trying to ruin others’ RP is not allowed.

Memes are forbidden in global chat. You can be warned then kicked for this, at the admin team's discretion.

People cluttering global chat may also be asked to stop, and kicked if they don't.

Complaining in chat about the ruleset, other players, or hackers is not allowed. If you have a problem, bring it to the admins.

3. Roleplay Expectations:

Bad RP is a suspendable offence. That means engaging in any of the following:
  • Making non-RP-justifiable alliances to get revenge
  • Forcing RP on other players.
  • Metagaming. This means benefitting your IC actions based on OOC information that your character would otherwise have no way of knowing.
  • Powergaming. This means forcing things on other players outside of the regular game mechanics.
  • RP based on racial stereotypes, themes like domestic abuse, or that is otherwise immature or toxic will be prohibited. Don’t bullshit us on this.
4. Killing Players:

You may not Kill on Sight (KOS) unless under these circumstances:
  • In the context of war
  • In a designated KOS zone (marked on the map and in-game)
  • In self-defense
  • Sleepers may be killed if you find it necessary but thats only if you can loot their body
5. Raiding:

Raiding means breaking any item, structure, or deployable. You may only raid in the following situations:
  • In the context of war
  • In a designated KOS zone (marked on the map and in-game
  • On unclaimed land
  • On a faction’s own land
  • Twig structures may be broken when infiltrating a base.
6. Griefing:

Placing unwanted items (bear traps, land mines, barricades, etc.) on or around a player or structure is only allowed against enemies while at war.

Blocking access to a monument (sphere, airfield, etc.) or structure (through the use of walls, barriers, doors, etc.) at any time is strictly prohibited.

Destroying Items such as Quarries, Pump Jacks and large furnaces unnecessarily

7. Factions:

To create a faction you must list 3 active players. Factions may claim land and enforce laws on this land. (You must declare these laws on the forums)

Factions can make their land KOS by clearly marking the borders with warning signs.

Factions must use the Clans plugin in-game. Their members must use the clan tag. This goes for other land rules as well.

Factions who do not meet the required number of members at any given time will be removed.

8. Land Claiming:

To claim land, a faction must make a land claim post. This must include:
  • An image of your Control Structure showing the following things:
  • A sign on the outside of your building (if you have a gate around it then you need a sign on the gate and the building) that says "[clan] CS" or something similar that clearly marks it as your Control Structure.
  • The green "Building Privilege" tag in the bottom right of your screen.
  • An image of the area you want to claim (shaded in) using the Map Overlay.
  • A link to your Faction Background post.
9. Wars:

To declare war against another faction:
  • You must have an RP-based justification to go to war.
  • A faction leader must post in the War Declarations forum and announce your war in-game.
  • If your war declaration includes any alliances, those faction leaders must post their agreement to the war declaration. They must state their justification for the war.
  • If you do not own land but you have a Control Structure on the land of the faction that you are declaring war on, you must upload an image of your Control Structure like you would with a Sovereignty Claim. Follow regular Sovereignty Claim rules for the image.
  • Wars must be declared in the forum 12 hours before you can attack.
  • If the war is accepted by the defending party, you can attack sooner.

After the War Declaration:
  • Factions at war cannot claim land.
  • 12 hours after the War Declaration, attacks can be made.
  • Factions who have not posted a war declaration or individuals RPing as mercenaries who wish to assist another faction at war must join one of the warring factions and maintain that clan's tag while providing any attack/defense assistance.
  • The Admin Team may declare a faction at war 'inactive' at their discretion if they have not been online in at least 3 days.
  • 12 Hours After the War Declaration:
  • You may raid any structure and kill any player on the land of the factions involved in the attack.
  • To capture an enemy Control Structure you must secure Building Privilege throughout the entire building (doesn't include high exterior walls)
  • Factions who have not posted a war declaration or individuals RPing as mercenaries who wish to assist another faction at war must join one of the warring factions and maintain that clan's tag while providing any attack/defense assistance.

Ending War
  • A war has ended when one side surrenders or through peace negotiations. Starting a war happens in RP. Ending a war should as well.
  • Wars are automatically ended if no attacks have been made in 48 hours starting when you would be allowed to attack
  • Please reply to the original War Declaration post announcing that the war has ended.

10. Skirmishes:

There will be times where RP scenarios require aggression, but not exactly a full war. In such an event, you may stage a skirmish or non-base intrusive raid (going in to attack a town, causing hardship, etc). You must do so within the following guidelines:
  • Obtain the permission/agreeance OOC with the opposing faction – It is important these stay fun for both sides.
  • Ensure opposing faction has members online (as you cannot enter their base, there is no point otherwise)
  • Announce on the forums, via a RP post, what you are doing
  • Have an RP justification for your actions.
  • Decide on ground rules before beginning (i.e. Whether you can or cannot loot bodies)
11. Forum Rules
Follow all General Rules.
No ragequit/goodbye posts.
Please don't quote the main post on a thread. Doing so will only make the thread longer.
OOC must be marked on RP posts.

12. Strikes, Bans, Suspensions:

If you break a rule you will receive a strike in most cases. A strike is a warning to let players know of their bad behavior. Strikes should be taken seriously.

After you receive three strikes, you will begin on our ban progression list:
  •      1st Ban - 24 Hours
  •      2nd Ban - 72 Hours
  •      3rd Ban - 168 Hours
  •      4th Ban - Era (unless the era has less than 168 hours remaining, then it will be a 168 hour ban)
  •      5th Ban - Permanent Ban
To get unbanned from a permanent ban players will be required to submit a ban appeal. Note that with this new system, ban appeals will be a much harder process. To open a ban appeal message the staff via modmail explaining the circumstances of your ban and why you believe you should be unbanned.

Certain offenses lead to harsher consequences:
  • Hacking - Permanent Ban
  • Disrespecting Staff (Admin or moderator) - Instant 24 hour ban
  • Belligerence (Racism, sexism, intolerance to people's sexuality, political beliefs, or religions) - Instant Era Ban possible even permanent Ban. We have no place on this server for crappy people.
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