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This is a detailed account of the first day I signed into Rust Factions during era 20.9: Civil War and the character I chose to roleplay:

It’s been a long day. It feels like I’ve lost it all and I have. I’m filled with nothing but anger and sadness, all the while I keep up an act to the faces of my fellow soldiers around me. Truth be told the only hope I still hold on to, the only string of sanity I have left, is the love for my nation that was always so dear to me.

I was once a humble fisherman on the Northern Rusty Isles. I was, and always have been, a proud loyalist to my nation even in times of strife. Though I was a simple man my nation always treated my family and I fairly. We earned enough to be happy and live our lives tending to our two children, Jet and Avy, my beloved son and daughter. My wife, Jennifer, was the owner of one of the most popular seafood restaurants on the Northern Isles. Even in my youth I’ve always eyed her from a distance as our two families traded goods back and forth. My family supplied the fish, hers the meals. When my father grew old and weary from his days on the fishing boat and as a veteran of the Red Navy it was I who took his place at the helm of his pride vessel, the Sea Buster. He loved that boat so much he named me after it. I don’t blame the man, that boat was the most reliable ship a fisherman could ever ask for, save for the minor hiccups I would fix: crusty barnacles on the hull, minor engine stalls, nothing a handyman and fisherman like me couldn’t handle. Half my life I spent on that boat and without it I wouldn’t be alive today.

The only thing left of that boat now is a wreckage on the bottom of the ocean with the corpses of my wife and children… I still remember their faces in the exact moment they lost their lives. The source of all my anger, my sadness, and my angst are the Blue Rebels and they have thrown my beloved country into civil war.

Yesterday was like any other day. The sun was warm and inviting, the seagulls glided above with their cheerful cries, and the ocean was calm that day. One of the cliff watchers alerted the fishermen that the flocks of birds were gathering offshore. It was a sure sign of a mighty haul. I saw the flock of hundreds of gulls overhead and prepared my boat and crew. Even my son was eager to help as it was his first time on a fishing trip. When we got out to sea the minnows were packed tight into a massive school as we threw our nets overboard and dragged our catch into the boat. For his age I was surprised that Jet managed to pull almost two hundred pounds of fish with only the help of one of my crew. The kid wanted to save up enough money to travel to the mainland and train as a fighter pilot for the Red Air Force. Even to this day I would often see their massive cargo planes dropping off food, supplies, and hunting firearms all over the island.

One time my kids were playing in the woods one day when they happened to see the cargo plane fly overhead and drop off the supply crate. The wind had blown the package off course and into the woods away from town. The kids were the first to haul it in but not before helping themselves to some of the chocolate that had been in the cargo. This drop had been different than the last few. Although it did contain a little bit of food most of the contents were firearms of high quality: assault rifles and speciality bullets. Things to protect us from the Rebels on the mainland. Little did I know that plane was supplying the Rebels on the island in hiding.

The thought of war was the last thing on my mind as we sailed back to shore. We all dropped off the fish we had caught that day and kept a few for tonight’s dinner. We were lucky today as a few big fat trout were caught in the nets, enough for my wife to make the restaurant’s signature dish the kids and I adored. As we sat down to enjoy our dinner we heard gunfire in the streets. People were getting slaughtered outside of our doors by men with shoddy metal face masks and bulletproof vests. All of them with the same uniform, the uniform of the Blue Rebels. I dropped my plate and rushed my family to the safety of my boat. My crew didn’t make it as I saw them cut down as they ran to the docks with me. I thought I was lucky when my family and I sailed off and away from the carnage that took place on the Northern Isles. For a moment I thought we were safe when I saw a military helicopter fly over to our ship. My wife tried to signal the aircraft for our rescue as she was cut down by heavy machine gun fire while the kids and I watched in horror as she was torn apart. As the helicopter made a pass overhead I could see the markings on its tail crossed out in blue paint and replaced with the symbol of the Rebels. I grabbed my wife and brought her and the kids below deck to try and treat her wounds. She was only hanging on to the smallest fringes of life as I tried desperately to bandage her and apply the medical syringes I had stashed in a wooden medical box. She died in my arms with our two children crying over her, begging her to stay awake…

Wake up… Wake up… They kept trying to coax their mother to life to no avail. I knew in my heart we were going to die. I heard the helicopter outside firing off its rockets and they set my boat ablaze. Some of the napalm had leaked through and burned my daughter. Her hair caught on fire as her brother and I screamed in terror. Her face was being melted off by the white hot gel as fire and water started to flood all around us. I dunked her head into the seawater to extinguish the flames as she tried to cry in my arms. I hugged her tight and I didn’t want to let either of them go. The last breath of life from my daughter was taken as she fell into shock. This time it was her brother and I who screamed and begged for her to stay alive. Her disfigured face was locked in a dead stare still burned into my memory. The chopper had its fun with us and decided to fly off as the ship sank. The rest of the hull had been flooded and my son and I were the only ones left alive. My heart sank even more as I knew he wasn’t the best swimmer. I tried my damned hardest to keep him afloat but panic swept over both of us. The ship was now fully submerged and we had no way to get out except to smash open one of the windows. I started to bash the glass with a hatchet as my son drowned. With my last feeble attempts at breaking the window I managed to shatter it and grabbed my unconscious son. I swam to the surface and checked Jet’s pulse. He was barely alive but I knew I couldn’t do a thing to help revive him as the water had already filled with lungs. With no solid surface to perform CPR I watched and listened as his dull heartbeat faded in my embrace. I hung to his lifeless corpse for what seemed like hours before I gave up on myself. I wanted to die as I let go of my son and let the ocean take me to my grave.

Death had avoided me as I washed up on the shore of one of the nearby islands. Why was I still alive? Why would God take away my family and leave me to rot on this Earth to live my life in suffering? I got up and walked on to what seemed to be a military looking tower still under construction. I shouted to get the attention of the soldiers. One of them went outside and looked at me. I couldn’t believe who it was.

“Soldier!” the gruff voice and intimidating stature of his man struck me with awe as I knew who exactly it was. It was General Palumbo of the Red Army, “What are you doing here?”

“I-” I hesitated as he eyed me up and down. Then I realized that I was completely naked right in front of the man I had so much respect for, “I washed up on shore. Please help me I’m very hungry.”

“We need to ask you one question first. Are you a Loyalist or a traitorous Blue?!” his harsh voice filled me with both fear and respect. My mind clicked into clarity as tears streamed down my face.

“I pledge my full allegiance to you General Palumbo.”

“You speak the truth then. Very well, first we need to get you some clothes,” the General threw me a pair of burlap pants as he escorted me to his base. Along the way another naked man approached us and the General took notice, “Soldier! What are you doing?”

“I was captured by those damned Blues! They took everything! My fireteam was cut down sir!”

“Do not be ashamed. What matters is that you survived. Gather yourself and craft a red bandana with the berries as dye and the hemp that grows all over our land as cloth. You may gather resources as you please on your way back to base.”

“Yes sir!” the naked man ran away and into the direction which we were headed. Along the roads and shores barrels and boxes of goods washed ashore from the sunken freighters and warships in the distance. The General had a hide poncho draped over his impressive red uniform. He looked to me and whispered before he handed me a note, “Here is a note with the codes to the doors. Betray me and I will have your head.”

“Yes sir!” I saluted to my General when a thought ran through my head. Here’s this inspirational man unashamed or even taken aback by a naked survivor washed up on shore. He took me under his wing without a second thought and here I am in his personal stone fortress with the flag of the nation I hold so dear. As we walked in it hit me: I was still alive for a reason.

I was still alive so I could serve my country to the bittersweet end.

My mind held onto this fact as another soldier passed us by without giving the General a second thought. Once again the gruff man raised his voice, “Soldier! Is this how you treat your General?”

“No sir! I-I didn’t mean to sir!”

“Go then, if this happens again I will have you disciplined! We are at war!”

“Yes sir!” he promptly ran outside and the General gave me a red bandana to wear around my mouth. He placed his hand on my shoulder and showed me the lobby.

“Be proud soldier. You are lucky to be alive. Come, I will show you the most important room of the base.”

I followed my General with a newfound sense of purpose. I wanted my revenge on the Blues as they took away my life, my home, my friends, and my family before me. My father once fought for honor of our great land and now it was my turn to draw the sword. I finally understood why he always told me that freedom wasn’t free, no matter what the idealistic bullshit the Blue propaganda had to say. I still believe in my nation and my General who took me in when I had lost literally everything.

“Look before you soldier,” the General walked me down the massive rooms filled to the brim with supplies for the base, “Share with your brothers. Each day you must contribute to the cause before you go to sleep. Without our cooperation we will surely lose this war.”

“I will contribute all I can to the Red Army.”

“Good, good. Come with me now,” the General continued the tour as he showed me the barracks section of the fortress. It was remarkably spacious and each soldier actually had a room to their own, “You may chose any one of the open dormitories. I suggest you place down a door.”

“Thank you so much General. I give you all my thanks.”

“Tell me something soldier. Do you wish to see your friends and family murdered by the Blues? To have your very life shattered by them?”

My heart raced as I clenched my fists with burning hatred. I took a breath as I looked my General in the eye, “It’s too late General. They already have.”

“This is exactly why we fight. The honor and freedoms of our nation is at stake. Help us fight back my loyal soldier.”

“I will lay down my life for the nation that gave me life.”

“Good, you may come and go as you please,” the General walked away as a sense of relief filled me up. My patriotism filled my heart with hope and for a moment I smiled. Joy filled my heart as the stone walls gave me comfort and safety. I took a moment to familiarize myself with the layout of the supply depot. Various signs labelled the boxes of goods all over the shelves and I took a look in each box. I noticed a few misplaced items and took it upon myself to sort out some of the supplies to their correct boxes. To cope with my pain I kept myself busy for the next hour sorting out the supplies. I found a wooden door and a sign in one of the crates labelled “wood” in big bold letters. I figured I’d make my room closest to the supply depot to keep my newly formed obsessive compulsive tendencies in check.

After a rather embarrassing day trying to figure out how to get out of the base I set upon the island to gather wood and resources. The many barrels that littered the land provided much of the scrap and junk useful for the cause. Eventually I came across an old military satellite station, an obvious relic of the old world. I searched the area and found two half buried military crates full of rifle ammunition and even a makeshift satchel charge. I ran back to the military tower which had now been fully built.


“Hey what’s up man?” One of the friendly soldiers, I believe Coconut was his nickname, waved to me.

“Hey I just secured a satchel charge at that old satellite dish plus some ammo. Can I stock it in here or at base?”

“Whichever man,” Coconut shrugged, “I was just about to head to base anyway.”

“Ah cool, here take this satchel charge with you,” I dropped off my scrap, ammo, and the explosive charge to go back and loot the satellite base. It was picked cleaned to I decided later to head back to the base all the while still bashing open the barrels on the beach and claiming the resources for the army.

This time I made it fine back to the supply room and started to once again sort out the supplies the others brought in. I couldn’t stand how disordered some of the crates were and I honestly needed something to do to get my mind off things. It wasn’t long until I heard gunfire from outside. My mind went numb and I flashed back to my family. I hesitated for a minute before I snapped back into reality and rushed to the gun box. I was upset that there were only double barrelled shotguns and an Eoka pistol.

“Fuck! Dammit nothing good!” I rushed to the ladder hatches that lead up to the roofs but in my haste and confusion the fight was already well and over when I got to the highest point of the base. I looked below to see the slaughtered bodies of blue uniformed soldiers being picked clean by my friends. I smiled and sighed in relief as I dropped back down into the base and replaced the double barrel back into the box where it belonged. I went into the lobby of the base and someone had placed a tommy gun in the ingoing loot box. I set to work by grabbing the supplies and back into my habit of sorting the loot room. I decided to keep the thompson for myself as I’m sure no one would mind. Everyone else around here had an assault rifle or AK of some sort. If I was gonna get even with those God damn Blues I needed this gun. I wanted to murder the first Blue Rebel I could find. My thoughts raced at the notion of inflicting the pain and suffering I’ve gone through to someone who thoroughly deserved it. I hope all those fucking Blues die.

After I was done sorting the chance presented itself to me. I was nitpicking one of the warehouses that kept getting restocked by the drone convoys that would leave crates and barrels at random from God knows where. You never even see them either, they just come and go when no one is around. All I had with me was a stone hatchet to bash open the barrels. I had a false sense of security as an arrow embedded itself into my arm.

“ARGH!” I yelled as the wood splintered into my muscles. Then I saw her, a dirty fucking Blue! All she had was a blue hat and a crossbow, she was fucking naked! I ran into the bushes and bandaged around the arrow to stop the bleeding. I’d have to get Coconut to take a look at my injuries later if I made it out of this alive. I was full of rage as the rebel charged for me. With nothing but adrenaline flowing I took up her challenge and charged her head on brandishing my hatchet. She got twitchy as her first shot veered off to the left as I jumped to the right. I got in one good hack as she turned her back to reload. At point blank range she fired again, and by God’s grace my sudden jump to the left evaded the arrow aimed right for my knee. This time I got in two slashes as fury filled me. I backed off as she ran into the warehouse to lure me in. She peeked out with her wounds hastily bandaged as she shot another bolt at me. It was too far and I had time to react by ducking right. She became frustrated and finally ran back to the other side of the island wounded and draped with bloody rags. I tried to run after her but I knew better than to follow her to the other side of the island. For now I had to play it safe.

Funny, for a fisherman I never had a tall tale of the one that got away. But this time? I wanted to kill her. I wanted her skull as a trophy on my wall.

Coconut gave me a full medical inspection and removed what was left of the arrow still stuck inside of me. I kept it as a reminder of my prey in the box in my room. Later that day I proved my worth to the army by helping a squad kill a bear that had intruded on our grounds. While they shot at it with bows and crossbows I went in with just my hatchet. The huge grizzly was confused with who to attack that it gave me the chance to land the killing blow. After I had slit its throat I craved it up and gutted it. One of the red guys told me that I could use the animal fat as a source of low grade fuel for the one mining quarry we had in the front of our base. I decided to put a few into the machine and let it run.

It was only after a short while when another bear attacked, this time it was a larger one, I was all alone as it charged for me so I climbed up the quarry as it clawed at the machinery. I got out my radio and called for help.

“Can anyone hear me?! I’m stuck on top of the mining quarry and another bear is attacking the base!”

“I’m on my way!” one of the armored fireteams came by to kill the bear with crossbows. I got back down from the quarry and expressed my thanks.

“Geez, thanks guys. Guess that bear had a friend,” I looked back at the mining quarry as it stopped churning. I gathered the materials in my pack and one of the soldiers gave me a thumbs up.

“No problem. Name’s He Jin, you new here?”

“Yeah, I’m from the Northern Isles. Shit got bombed to hell up there and I think I’m the only one left alive. I used to be a fisherman before I had to flee the island. Those damn dirty Blues killed all my friends… My wife… And my two kids…”

“Oh shit man, that’s rough. You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah… It’s nice to know that your country will always have your back huh? I am and always will be a proud supporter of the Old Order. My name’s Buster by the way. Again thanks for the help with that bear.”

“Yeah they aren’t afraid of people on this island. I suggest you stay away. Anywho, my squad and I have some loot to drop off. See you around okay?”

“Thanks, you too,” I entered the base with them and they went their own ways. I stayed at the bottom of the base and found myself in the furnace room.

I was rightly impressed at the large furnaces churning out the raw materials for our fight. A few of the workers tended to the flames and I saw one person in the corner working on building something. I approached with curiosity to find that he was building a makeshift double barrelled shotgun out of some high quality stainless steel and bits of piping. For me it was an everyday thing to see makeshift weapons after the collapse of the old world. Rarely would you ever find a factory made rifle or machine gun as those were made on the mainland by the government factories. We could only dream of such luxuries on the outer isles. I asked him if I could help assemble the gun and he gladly accepted. I didn’t get his name though, we were both too busy fumbling around with the firearm to care. Shortly after the gun was complete and I was tasked to put it into the weapon boxes in the supply depot.

I must have spent the next few hours sorting again as night fell. I started to feel drowsy as I finished sorting the items and retreated back to my dorm. I lit up my campfire and cooked a can of beans I had found on the beach. I rested my back onto the wall as I ate with gunfire in the distance from another red versus blue skirmish. I sighed as I looked up at the large wooden sign I put up to paint earlier but nothing came to mind. I was too distracted from the day’s events from losing my family to the welcoming arms of my fellow brothers in arms. I had to share my story with the others, as far as I’m concerned they're my new family now. I wrote them one last note to share before I drifted off to bed.
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03-17-2017, 04:50 AM -
Wow! Nice work here! It was a fun read! Thanks for posting this, I look forward to more tales!